Expanding to Thailand

We are now expanding into the Southeast Asian market and have opened a branch in Bangkok. Leading the branch is experienced vice president Gordon Goldman, who promises to hit Asia harder than the Boxing Day Tsunami.

Joining him is John Walker, his longtime business partner and friend. He says that John has always been the face of their operations, and claims that he himself is the brains behind them. Both of them young and aspiring accommodators, were originally in marketing and advertising at TEMCO, a Thai-based company hired to do research in Asia prior to the board of directors’ consideration of expansion.

The board was so impressed by Goldman and Walker’s presentation and the depth of their research and knowledge about the Asian market and its inhabitants, that they asked Goldman to personally spearhead the branch.

We encourage all our current clients and customers to contact the Bangkok branch if travelling or staying in Southeast Asia, so that you can benefit from any promotion in that area.