New Orleans branch closed

As a result of Mr. Fouchon's retirement, the board of directors decided to close the New Orleans branch permanently, stating that nobody could succeed Mr. Fouchon.

Leader of the New Orleans branch, Mr. Fouchon, has announced immediate retirement from his position at Alpha Consumer Services. Mr. Fouchon was at the time unavailable to comment on his retirement plans. The board of directors informed that the New Orleans branch will be closed permanently, stating that ‘no one could replace Mr. Fouchon’.

The expansion into Eastern Europe is now currently on hold and sources say that the plans may be scrapped entirely. Mr. Fouchon was the board of directors’ favorite candidate for leading the branch. No other candidates have been evaluated for the position and there has been no confirmed information regarding new evaluation sessions.

The New Orleans branch was one of the first of the many divisions that Alpha Consumer Services have located around the globe. Mr. Fouchon, who at the time was running his own enterprise, was brought in by the board of directors to head up this new branch due to his good relations with the authorities there and his wide range of clientele. The New Orleans branch had one of the highest revenues of all ACS branches and is per date still the most profitable branch in ACS’s history.