Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can I apply for a job at ACS?
    All job applications are handled from the top down. This means that all candidates must meet in person at the ACS HQ and will be evaluated by our analysts during a series of personality and physical tests to ensure that you’re fit for the job. All candidates are evaluated equally by our analysts and the persons who pass the initial tests will be further screened down during multiple interview sessions with the top leaders. First when you have a preliminary written contract for the three year trial employment or other engagement will you be able to apply for local jobs around the world.
  2. What is it like to work at ACS?
    ACS’s management structure is not excessively hierarchical. Teamwork and respect for the individual are valued highly, as are speed and flexibility in decision making. The possibility to put the customer’s need first will make your working day a lot more engaging and fulfilling than other such organizations. ACS’s ability to display themselves as a professional organization will always be first priority and so will terminate any attempt on displaying otherwise.
  3. Where is ACS from?
    ACS is a terran corporation headquartered as central as possible. It is a public limited liability company not listed in any one stock exchange, but rather prospers of having several proprietors with divided ownership constructed to fit the customers’ wishes most efficiently. Instead of one major central, the offices are located near you, and the grand management is always located at one of these locales at one time. Our benefactors choose ACS’s new point of origin for a period of no more than six months before it is moved to a more needed place of management. Although headquarters are positioned at only one area at a given time, the different branches are always stationed on a suitable location based primarily on the customers’ interests at that time.
  4. How old is ACS?
    ACS’s age is often measured in customer relations experience. By putting substantial effort in meeting our costumer’s demands, we have in relatively short time achieved several generations’ worth of knowledge in that particular area. Where we are met with adversity and hardship, we take on the task as if the customers are our own family and do our very best at harnessing the well-hidden positive aspects to every case to build an all rounded solution and a prospering future.
  5. How did ACS get its name?
    Because the alpha consumers are our biggest benefactors it’s only fair that we as their ultimate service provider incorporate them into our company name. We try to meet every new customer with even greater endeavor than the last, so it’s just logical that our name is in favor of those who bring us problems to overcome and new areas to conquer. It is you, the consumer, who really rule the world, and as your humble servant we pave the way in front of you and chop down the overgrown thicket to make your road to happiness much easier.
  6. How many people does ACS employ?
    This ranges from only a few to a significantly larger number. Our employment size is determined by the workload, and we never employ more than is necessary to complete the tasks given to us. Nor do we ever have less than we need to meet our customers’ wishes. Employment is always decided upon every new assignment when these are contracted and ACS staff number is therefore impossible to establish as it changes due to complications during production or the amount of difficulty in triumphing in everyday and ongoing chores.
  7. What are ACS’s revenues and profits?
    Because of the decentralized ownership set against the top-down management from headquarters branching down to each and every assignment, the profits are always put back into system at the root, so that the customer never pays more than the value of his purchase. This is ensured by having tight cooperation with other branches to fill budgetary holes in tougher assignments and keeping the tasks frequent enough to never having to store the profits and ACS expands instead of using the tedious bureaucrat-ridden banks. Speed and professional handling is of the essence, and this is not compatible with banks and stock options. Efficiency in decision making is crucial, thus making little space for time-consuming money transfers and annoying time zone complications.