Alpha Consumer Card

Alpha Consumer Services Automated Credit Card Solutions System is designed to work flawlessly with all automated teller machines, automatic banking machines and credit card terminals.

If money can’t buy it, Alpha Consumer Card can!

Alpha Consumer Services Automated Credit Card Solutions System (ACSACCSS) is an all-compatible, “contactless” payment feature based on the ACSACCSS.1394 standard that provides cardholders with a simpler way to pay by tapping a payment card or other payment device, such as a mobile phone (not iPhone), keyboard/mouse (not connected to an OSX-operated system), electric car key and such on a point-of-sale terminal reader rather than swiping or inserting a card.

This means you can reach ACS and we can reach you anywhere, anytime. That is uniform with being at the head of the game, all the time, putting your opponents at the back of the line, always. This is because the money-less transaction goes by satellite directly to ACS HQ allowing us to tailor your purchase through the most beneficial channels at any given time – making the lack of money the solution rather than the problem.

From 2008 and forwards, Alpha Consumer Card concludes a nine-month free market trial in Eastern Asia. More than 23,000 cardholders and more than 800 retailer locations participates in the market trial. In addition, Alpha Consumer Card works with any non-Apple mobile phone using state of the art Gunslingerâ„¢ 2.0 operated SIM-card able to locate your position without tracing time, making the tailoring process 400% faster than any other leading trace-providing service.

As of June 2010, the following financial institutions have issued the ACSACCSS:

  1. Alpha Consumer Bank
  2. Pro-Spender Corp.
  3. Nippon Miike Bank
  4. Suntory Corp. Ltd.
  5. Bi-Flex Finance Group
  6. Logical Money Holding Ltd.
  7. UCD Bank (United Coffee-Drinkers)
  8. Dahlske Bank
  9. Vault of LF

acs-card-front-web acs-card-back-web

This is a digital representation of the Alpha Consumer Card. Note that the appearance of the card might vary depending on when and where the application was processed and at what branch the card was issued.